SLTV Star Series Season IV Finals

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After a two-week break, StarSiries is coming back to your screens! According to the result of the round robin stage, the four finalists have been determined. They will face off against each other in the fight for the prize fund of $29000, unique paints and, of course, the title of the SLTV Star Series champion. 


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LIVE Coverage

Semi-final of the top bracket:

​[27.07.2015]  eGuards [19:00 CET]  A&​D

​[19:20] The time of the sacred evening of the final Star Seires stage has begun! In less than an hour, the stream of the game between the Epic Guards and A&D will start.
[20:02] Teams started to cross out. 
[20:07] The first map will be Forest. Teams are choosing the side.
[20:17] From the first minutes A&D cleared up the middle and open the score in the match
[20:19] eGuards tried to deliver a flag, but it wasn't successful.  
[20:21] The exchange situation has happend on the map.
[20:22] A&D got their flag back and delivered the enemy's one. 
[20:23] the 3rd flag in a favor of A&D!

[20:24] «Angel and Demons» delivered the four flag.
[20:25] RanzeR faced some internet-connection issues. 
[20:27] A&D delivered fifth flag, after what the first round was ended. The score is 5:0.
[20:30] After the side switching «Epics» took the defensive style.
[20:31] BoogeeFreezeer tried to make a delivery, but azamat01 got his flag back from the enemy's base.
[20:32] A&D made the counterattack and opened the score in the half.
[20:34] The second attempt by eGuards to make a delivery turned out to be unsuccessful: «A&D», represented by EDO123456captured their flag and delivered the enemy's one. The score is 2:0!
[20:36] The third flag in a favor of A&D.
[20:37] An exchange. Holy_Hero_alexxxxx got his flag back, and as s result the score became 1:3 in a favor of A&D.
[20:39] The second round is over. The round score is 2:0 in a favor of A&D. Teams are entering the Barda map.
[20:50] The third round has begun.
[20:52] «Epics» opened the score. 
[20:54] Makxxe delivered the enemy's flag at the second drop, and thus the exchange situation appeared on the map.
[20:56] A&D pressed eGuards down in the defense, but Holy_Hero_alexxxxx with help of his teammates managed to save the flag. 
[20:57] The second wave of attacks by А&D turned out to be successful«Angels and Demons» leveled the score.
[20:58] The delivery of the second flag by A&D.
[20:59] The third flag, the score is 3:1 in a favor of A&D!
[21:00] ЗIn 12 second to the end of the half, A&D put the fourth flag. Epic Guards are in a footstep away from losing the match. 
[21:03] The fourh round has begun. The exchange. 
[21:06] A&D destroyed the enemy's flag carrier and got their flag back. It was followed by the second delivery performed by EDO123456.
[21:07] The third delivery by А&D
[21:09] The exchange. «Angel and Demons» made it in their favor. The score became 4:0.
[21:12] The fifth flag in the round. The half is going to the end. The final score of the match is 4:0 in a favor of A&D. Epic Guards lost this match and are going to the lower bracket.

The final stage will consist of six matches and will run in the Double Elimination system — if a team loses, it still will have a chance to get through the lower bracket. According to the rules, pairs of the semi-final will be formed in the following way: the first place of the round robin stage will play with the fourth one, the second place — with the third one. All play-off matches, except for the super final, will be played in a best-of-six format. It means that the rivals choose three maps and play two rounds on each in turns until one of the teams win four rounds or the map list ends. The super final will be played in a best-of-eight format: the number of maps has been increased to four, and the number of rounds needed for a victory — to five. If the teams don't find the strongest one during the regulation, they will have to play a penalty round on Sandbox.  

All matches will run on the air from July 27 to August 01. Come to our live broadcasting, take your friends, since the nominal of founds depend on you in the game on August 2. We will add up all statistics of the peak online (number of watching at the same time viewers) at all six matches on Russian, English and German locales, and if the sum hits the mark of 20,000 people, for example, the fund will be increased twice, 30,000 viewers — thrice and so on up to x5 funds! In addition to this, do not forget to support your teams, since you can earn something by doing so. From July 27-29 four paints for fans will be available for buying. If a team you choose wins the super final, you will get from 3 to 10 thousand crystals, depending on your rank. More information is on the main page of the game.  

  • From Sergeant to Warrant Officer 5 — 3000 crystals
  • From Sub-Lieutenant to Colonel — 6000 crystals
  • From Foreman to Generalissimo— 10000 crystals

Draw attention to:

  • Paints are available for players with a rank not less than Sergeant. 
  • One of four finalists must be chosen until 04:00 CET of July 29 – after that all paints won’t be available.  
  • Blankets will be extracted from all garages on August 3.

Of course, none of Star Series are running without increasing of funds. This season hasn’t become an exception. Traditionally, we will add the number of peak online up during six broadcastings. If the number of watching at the same time viewers hits the certain mark, we will increase the earnings in the game on August 2! 

  • 20 000 viewers — х2 funds
  • 30 000 viewers — х3 funds
  • 40 000 viewers — х4 funds
  • 50 000 viewers — х5 funds

Pay attention! Not the total number of views, but the peak online will be counted — the number of watching at the same time viewers. We will add up the numbers of viewers at English, Russian and German streams. 

That’s it, friends. We are waiting you on our Twitch Channel at 19:00 CET, every day from July 27 to August 1. Do not forget to invite friends, since as more viewers will come as bigger the prize fund will be on this Sunday!

Final stage bracket

Semi-finals   Winners final   Grand final   SLTV Champion








  All In      

LB Small final   LB Final    



The main intrigue of the fourth season final stage is the strife of two teams Epic Guards and Arcade. First of all, Arcade is definitely aimed at defending the title and becoming the four-time champion. Secondly, eGuards have reached the Star Series play-off for the second time. At this time Epics are going to capture gold — their biggest achievement is the silver at the second season. In addition to this Epics are in good shape right now, since at the group stage they were the one to show an aggressive play and take the first place at the standings. We shouldn’t forget about the A&D and All In teams. Angels and Demons at this season did strengthen their roster and showed a quite confident play as never before. It’s noteworthy that A&D have the experience of playing at the play-off. At the second Star Series season, this team has taken the third place. As for All In, this team reached the Star Series season for the second time. At the previous season, having lost the Capitan, this team took the fourth place. Will All In achieve new results? We’ll see! Everything is possible at the final stage. 

Prize fund of the Final stage:

1 place – $12000 + «Champion» paint
2 place – $8000 + «Silver» paint
3 place – $5000 + «Bronze» paint
4 place – $4000 + «Acid» paint








 All In







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