A&D beat eGuards in the first super final match

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In the first match of the super final top bracket we saw the fight between the eGuards and A&D teams. Let us recall that the teams were playing in a best-of-six format. It means that rivals choose three maps and play two rounds on each in turns until one of the teams win four rounds or the map list ends. In this fight two maps turned out to be enough to find the strongest one. Who’s become a winner in this strife? The first and second halves ran on the Forest map, the third and fourth one — on Barda. From the first minutes of the match Angels and Demons started to fight for the middle of the map. Half a minute later after the beginning of the half, A&D took the score lead. eGuards immediately tried to make a counter delivery, but SimplePlayer didn’t let it happen. Then the exchange situation appeared on the map: A&D continued to attack from the middle, due to which this exchange wasn’t long: having surrounded the enemy’s flag carrier, Angels and Demons got their flag back without difficulties. The score was 2:0. Without losing the speed, A&D made one more successful attack, after which Epics fell down: the players started to make more mistakes such as overturns, misses and getting into an argument during the game. In addition to this, one of the Epic Guards players faced the internet-connection problems, and thus all team had to wait a few seconds for him. As a result, eGuards lost a few more flags. The first round ended with a devastating score of 5:0 in a favor of A&D.  
After the side switching A&D started to force the enemy down to their own base. However, in spite of such insistence of the rivals, BoogeeFreezeer managed to slip and tried to make one delivery. But thanks to the inadvertency of his teammates, this attempt wasn’t successful: azamat01, the Capitan of the A&D team, in time came to the enemy’s base and easily got the flag back. Moreover, right after that Angel and Demons made a counterattack and took the lead in the round. The second try of Epics to change the score ended with the same scenario as the first one. But this time it was dexterous EDO123456 to return the flag. Epic Guards managed to change the situation only at the end of the round. There was an exchange, in which Holy_Hero_alexxxxx successfully played while coming back. However, it didn’t save the eGuards team at all, since by that time A&D made three deliveries. As a result, this round, as well as the first one, was in a favor of A&D. 
Then teams were trying their strength on the Barda map. What was noteworthy in the next two rounds? In the third one there was an exchange, which happened in the middle of the half. A&D twice exacerbated the situation on the enemy’s base. Having bound in the defense, Epics managed to do away with the first wave of attacks by A&D. Holy_Hero_alexxxxxm, who was carrying a flag, was definitely at his best at that moment. But the second wave Guards didn’t cope with. Angels and Demons came to the base of the rival with five hulls, four of which was on the drop, and destroyed the defense and the flag carrier of the opponent. The third half ended with a score of 4:1 in a favor of A&D. Epic Guards remained in a footstep away from losing the match. As for the final round in this match, there the final score was devastating for eGuards again. A&D beat the rival all to pieces, leaving no chances to win. Thus, having lost four rounds, Epics fell to the loser bracket, where they will have an opportunity to fight for reaching the super final. 

A video of the match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thswI5-DHSI