All In defeated Arcade in the second semi-final match

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Today the second match of the top bracket semi-final took place, in which the Arcade eSports and All In were trying their strength. Compering this game with the previous one, in which A&D confidently beat eGuardswe can say that here the intrigue didn't leave us until the last round. The first and second rounds ran on the Barda map. It's interesting that during almost the whole match, All In were playing with two Wasps. Using this tactic did help them to achieve the victory in today's strife. From the first minutes of the round, the teams didn't rush to attack. Each of them would give a chance to their rival to make a mistake first. Less than three minutes later after the start, Green opened the score in the match. Within two minutes Arcade made two deliveries. Then the exchange situation appeared on the map, which All In rapidly did away with: having surrounded the enemy's flag carrier, the player got their flag back and leveled the score in the half. Moreover, this exchange was followed by two more deliveries performed by All In. Arcade didn't manage to respond to such move of the opponents, and thus lost this round with a score of 2:4. After the side switching Arcade tried to drive off again, but All In safely played in the defense. Such moves of the current champions were not left without a response: when All In returned their flag, they immediately made a attack on the opposite flank and opened the score in the half. In the followed exchange All In closed Arcade in their own defense. Arcade also had many turnovers. Although the teams didn't manage to bring this exchange to the logical ending, the winner of this round was determined: 1:0 is the score of the second half in a favor of All In. It's also important to mention two players: Green and Oskar. These boys definitely did their best to get a victory on Barda.  

The third and fourth rounds ran on the Tribute map. Although All In had a small side picking advantage, it didn't bring some good results to the team. Playing for the blue side, All In rather rapidly took the lead in the round. However they didn't manage to keep their advantage to the end of the round: a minute before the timer reset  Arcade leveled the score. Moreover, Arcade was very close to the victory. But All In in time pulled the enemy's flag out and jumped into the pit. As a result Arcade didn't manage to make a delivery of the second flag at the last seconds. By the way, in this round Arcade were playing with six railings. After the side switching A_R_A_K_E_L_Y_A_N took the smoker role again. This time, having taken the fourth half with a score of 2:1, Arcade showed that they were not going to give up. The fifth round with a score of 2:4 became an proof of it.  Pressure and agitation were getting stronger with every second, which was especially noticable in All In's conference. The sixth round was desicive for teams, since a victory in it would guarantee at least the third place in the current Star Series season. In the final round All In was like the one to crush the opponent. During the whole half this team made six deliveries! If they had had three-four seconds more, they would have made even seven ones. All attempts of Arcade to change the score turned out to be unsuccessful. On this map messi_barcaEclipsee17 and Oskar were the most effective players of their team. All In got a victory in the match with a round score of 3:2. Arcade is falling to the loser bracket, where they will have to compete with the Epic Guards team. These two essential rivals will be deciding who will take the fourth place in the current Star Series season, and who is able to fight for reaching the super final. 

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Go arcade. You're pro
Arcade lost