All In reached the Super Final!

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In the match of the top bracket we've seen the fight of the A&D and All In teams. They decided to run this match on the maps such as Red Alert, Tribute and Bridges. It is interesting that both teams would take the lead on each of the maps. For example, on Red Alert All In won the first half, and A&D took the second one. On Tribute the story was repeated: the first round on the map ended with the one flag advantage of All In; after the side switching, Angels and Demons beat their opponents all to pieces with a score of 5:0. All In fell down though. In the conference of this team there were a rush of indignation and heart-to-heart talks. The players started the fifth round in such mood on Bridges. This time All In completely gave up on Wasps. It's unknown if it was an abrupt decision or tactic drawing, but All In has lost the first half on Bridges. The sixth round started, in which A&D was in more favorable situation than their rivals. To play in a draw was enough for this team to get a victory in this match. In addition to this, having successfully made an exchange at the beginning of the round, Angels and Demons even more stabilized their positions. However, All In still had a shot in the locker. Firstly Green leveled the score. Then it was followed by two deliveries without a response. As a result the score hit the mark of 3:1 in a favor of All In. It was a very surprising and intriguing ending of the round. 

According to the results of the played halves, the draw has been recorded — 3:3. Since the teams didn't manage to find the strongest one in the regulations, they had to play a penalty round on Sandbox. A&D came with two Hornets and two Hunters, while the setup of All In was a little faster: Wasp, Hornet and two Hunters. Seven minutes were enough for these teams. All In turned out to be favorites here. Having won the formed-at-the-early-game exchange, the teams made two more deliveries by chute. Then it was followed by the counter attack by A&D and the second exchange. Having taken the position behind the enemy's house, All In quite confidently were trolling the spawn areas and the flag carried of the opponent. Thanks to such moves All In managed to win the second exchange and bring the last fifth flag. Having taken a victory in this strife, All In are reaching the super final! As for A&D, this team is going to the loser bracket to wait for the match against the winner of the eGuards vs Arcade pair.