Results of SLTV Star Series Season IV

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The fourth season of SLTV Star Series Tanki Online has come to the end!

I place —  All In ($12000, «Champion» paint)
II place —  Epic Guards ($8000, «Silver» paint)
III place —  A&D ($5000, «Bronze» paint)
IV place —  Arcade ($4000, «Acid» paint)



The results of the super final turned out to be unexcitable a bit: Ahead-of-all-teams at the round robin stage Epics didn't manage to cope with Angels and Demons, and the champion of the two last seasons, Arcade, didn't stand against the pressure of All In.  

Semi-Final 1

 Epic Guards [0:4]  A&​D
[ Forest 0:5, 1:3 | Barda 1:4, 0:5 ]

Semi-Final 2

 Arcade [2:3]  All In
[ Barda 2:4, 0:1 | Tribute 1:1, 2:1 | Red Alert 4:2, 0:6 ]

In the final of the top bracket, A&​D and All In demonstrated the absolutely equal level of playing on the main maps. But when it came to Sandbox, the luck wasn't on the side of Angels and Demons.  

Top Bracket Final

 A&​D [3:4]  All In
[ Red Alert 1:4, 3:0 | Tribute 1:2, 5:0 | Bridges 2:1, 1:3 | Sandbox 1:5 ]

Before the beginning of the play-off stage, no one could think that either eGuards or Arcade would take a mean fourth place, but the winless of these teams at the semi-finals lead to such scenario. The match had been twice postponed due to the technical reasons, and as a result it's ended with a sensational defeat of Arcade — now they will have to say goodbye to the champion paint, which the players of the team would carry for the last year.  

Lower Bracket Small Final

 Epic Guards [3:1]  Arcade
[ Parma 5:0, 2:0 | Kungur 0:1, 1:1 | Forest 4:3 ]

Not having time to catch the breath after the exhausting battle with the Arcade, Epic Guards accepted the battle against Angels&Demons and got the second in a day victory. And thus they reached the super final. Angels and Demons were doing their best to keep their positions, but in the last round lost them.  

Lower Bracket Final

 A&​D [1:2]  Epic Guards 
[ 4:1, 2:2 | Barda 0:1, 0:0 | Red Alert 2:2, 2:4 ]

Two tucker Saturday matches should have definitely had an impact on Epic Guards at the super final. Probably, Arcade during the champion times would be the only one to stand against charged-to-win All In. Two winning rounds and two drawn one bring to All In their first in the history champion title! 


 All In [4:0]  Epic Guards
[ 1 point fora of All In | Barda 5: 3, 2:0 | Red Alert 9:2, 2:2 | Парма 1:1 ]

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I chose the painting of All in when it was proposed but was I not supposed to win some bonus too if they won?
oops I won 10,000 crystals sorry I had not noticed
Hi, Im Thomas and im a little bit new to tanki, can someone give me advice how to end up like a pro.
yo all in is the best
Best of luck