New Tournament Series Announcement — DailyCups

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Hello, tankers! We are glad to inform you that on this Wednesday (30.09.2015) we are starting up a series of new daily tournaments called Daily Cups!

Daily Cups is:

  • minimal hull, equipment and paint limitations. It is not allowed to use unique paints (esport and support ones, and other, which can't be bought)
  • any tanker with the Major rank and higher may take part in it
  • two tournaments every day (from Wednesday to Sunday)
  • as many as 32 participant teams in one tournament
  • the prize fund of each tournament is 210 000 crystals

Put together a squad of likeminded people and show everyone your strength and skill in no limits tournaments! It is time for something serious!


 Details and schedule of Daily Cups:
End of Registration: 13:40 CET and 15:40 CET
Check-in: 13:40 CET- 13:55 CET and 15:40 CET - 15:55 CET
Number of Participants: as many as 32 teams
Beginning of the Tournament: 14:00 CET and 16:00 CET
Format: Single Elimination BO1 (Olympic system)
Referees & Contacts:

 Alexander "shuma" Sushko, [email protected], sltv.shuma
Alexianna supp13Al


How can i join
Yaaaay !! If any team wants a member send me an invite or talk to me on my profile... GL to all......
I am not major rank and i really want to compete, this stinks for me
like !
ellines elate sto team moy an exete M2 i M3
when will be the date of firts cup ?
how do you register?????
Where do I check in? And what is the date of the check-in? Tomorrow?
why how do I join?
If only I was one rank higher. D: