Participate in the regular Ranking Cups tournaments

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Ranking Cups — daily blitz-tournaments, the first step for growing teams of beginners- offer a good chance to earn crystals and rating points, which helps teams to proceed further into more prestigious leagues!



Every Ranking Cup takes place on one map and on one day, for several hours in a row. The number of teams and participants is unlimited (usually, every tournament consist of 16 or 32 teams).  The style for these tournament is the classic Single Elimination — teams and participants divided into pairs and play through a double-sided bracket. All the battles are Hornet-Railgun matches, without protective paints. The three best teams receive their rewards in crystals, the overall prize depending on the quantity of team-participants.


Participating in this tournament is very easy! You just need to create a team and gather a lineup (no less than 6 people). After that, you need to visit a page with the list of tournaments, choose the desired one, and register for it. Prior to applying for participation, make sure you have read all the rules have and understood them well! Non-compliance with the rules can lead to penalties or team disqualification from tournament.


Link for Rules and Regulations:
FAQ on team creation:
FAQ on participation in tournament:


Every day except Monday, two Ranking Cup tournaments will take place on two different maps. On weekdays, matches begin at 16:00 and 17:00 MSK, and on days off — at 14:00 and 15:00 MSK. Depending on the number of participants, one tournament lasts four to five hours. More detailed schedules of the matches will be seen on the competition page, which you will find in the «Tournaments» section. Also on the competition page, there are contacts for referees of the tournament, to whom you may address in case of the appearance of extraordinary or controversial situations.


Participate in the Ranking Cups, get experience and, possibly, you will be the next star of StarLadder in future!


i'll ask my clan members if they are ready for the ranking cups yet. The times might be a problem though.
Need a clan
i neeeed claaaan
donut70, I think i know you lol
how i will join ( i am the leader ) in this tournemant i think he is closed ?
Can anyone send me the link to register my clan in the tournament Do not know how But I need help to enroll Please help
aqwzsxedc, Neither is We are in the same XD